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I am a material based artist working primarily in textiles, with a background in fashion design. I want craft to be fun and sexy, but simultaneously dead serious.

Key themes in my practice are the power implications of taste and aesthetics’ power to determine, confuse and challenge gender. In my sculptural works, I am exploring the function of dress and adornment and the meaning of the term body. I am making abstracted bodies; queer creatures, existing in the borderlands between human, animal and nature, dressed in textile garments and embellished with bows and flowers. The heart symbol is recurring, in a blurred, bleeding state. By dressing the sculptures in sexualising and feminising dress I am forcing the sculptural bodies into a feminine position. Do they feel exposed or beautiful?

In my working process, i approach my materials with sensitivity and lust for experimentation. To engage with a material without pre-disposed ideas of the end result opens a possibility to access artistic knowledge on a deeper level than the intellectual. The maker’s bodily intelligence is the priceless resource of a material based artist. My ambition is to use this resource to bring new insights into what it means to be a woman in the world. 

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