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Galleri K18: Monsters!

A group exhibition initiated, curated and produced by Matilda Envall and Lizzie Abbott in 2023. Shown at Galleri K18, Stockholm in October-November 2023.

Participating artists:

Matilda Envall

Lizzie Abbott

Helena Perminger

Beatrice Alvestad Lopez

Hanna Hjalmarsson

Mio Elias Halvarsson

Exhibition text:
We try so hard to be good, but often we fail. Sometimes it's like a monster takes over inside of us. Jealousy, envy and selfishness spread like black tar. It can feel inevitable, like the monster is seeking us out. Is the purpose of defining something as a monster a way to deflect negative energy away from us, and ignore the monstrosities that reside within ourselves? Are we, in our core, monsters? What happens if we stop trying to be good? 


A neatly categorised area to direct fear and negative energy toward, the monster can act as a metaphor for the repressed. Often we shy away from the dark and monstrous; we tiptoe around the vast abyss in our lives, saying "I'm fine!", when the truth may be that something is eating us up from the inside.


In this exhibition, we make room for the monstrous. We have filled the exhibition space with gaping jaws, crawling beasts and looming disasters. We give physical form to the dark and unpredictable, because it is a part of life that is too often neglected. We wonder; how can we resist a system that wants to turn us into monsters? What do monsters say about us as a society? Is there an option to treat them with empathy and kindness, in turn forgiving the monster that lives inside all of us?

All photos: Helena Perminger

My work for the exhibition:

On the Tip of my Tongue,

Looking at You Looking at Me

As a young girl, my sister wished she would have pink eyes, to fully submerge herself into a pink universe. To dress in pink and dress her Barbies in pink and to watch Disney films with princesses in pink sparkling dresses was not enough. This overpowering force of the colour pink me and many others experienced as a child continues to captivate me. The alien bodies I show in this exhibition are dressed in pink bows and embellishments, forcing them into a feminine position. Do they feel exposed? Or beautiful?

Textile sculptures, 2023. Used garments, hen wire, bead embroidery and fabric bows made from polyester satin and polyamide lace

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