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Matters of the Heart: On the Mysterious Ways of Femininity and Corporeality

Degree work at Konstfack Craft! 2022

This work explores feminine aesthetics, the function of dress and adornment and the meaning of the term body. I have made sculptures in papier maché and wood in shapes that are close to abstraction, but also bear connotations to living things, such as bowels in some instances, or tentacles, or a nest of snakes. Perhaps they are originating from the bottom of the deepest oceans or the hearts of the darkest forests. They are dressed in abstracted garments and embellished with bows and flowers, forcing them into a feminine position. Do they feel exposed? Or beautiful? The heart pattern is recurring, in a blurred, bleeding state. This worn symbol has been punctured, in an attempt to open it up for all the complexities of human existence. In the exhibition, the sculptures are installed against the background of a grid; a sharp contrast that places the sculptures in a digital landscape. They hover in an undefined place in both space and time. An excerpt from a digital space inhabited by strange, queer creatures in the borderland between the human, animal and nature.

Power in Numbers




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